Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter usa ancestry survived being chained to other human bodies for several months in the bottom of a disease-infested ship during the Middle Passage from Africa to the USA corrupt colonial corporatocracy.
Yes Black Lives Matter!!
Black Lives Matter lost their language, their customs and traditions, picked up the English language as best they could while working free of charge from sunup to sundown as they watched babies sold from out of their arms, men and women raped, killed, beaten, abused, bought and sold by ruthless slave owners.
Yes Black Lives Matter!!
Black Lives Matter were forced to take their masters names with no last names, no birth certificates, no heritage of any kind, they braved the Underground Railroad, and survived the Civil War to enter into the hell on earth sharecropping!!
Yes Black Lives Matter!!
Black Lives Matter learned to read and write out of sheer will and determination, they faced the burning crosses of the KKK, averted their eyes at the black bodies swinging from ropes hung on trees.
Yes Black Lives Matter!!
Black Lives Matter fought in World Wars as soldiers to return to the USA they were humiliated called names and forced to walk in the gutter.
Yes Black Lives Matter!!
Black Lives Matter marched in Birmingham, hosed in Selma, jailed in Wilmington, assassinated in Memphis, segregated in the South, ghetto-ed in the North, red-lined in San Francisco, ignored in history books and horrific nefarious stereotyping in Hollywood!
Yes Black Lives Matter!!
In spite of it all, yes Black Lives Matter somehow endured every era to make sure we would get here. Yes in present day Virginia and across the USA / world there are still plantations / companies controlled by families who were and are still funded by slaves and slavery.
Yes Black Lives Matter!!
Black Lives Matter survived from generation to generation so we must help bring Reparations in 2020. Watch this video to learn about Overlooked Justice:
Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a decentralized movement advocating for non-violent civil disobedience protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against Black people.
The broader movement and its related organizations typically advocate against police violence towards black people, as well as for various other policy changes considered to be related to black liberation.
It is time to abolish politicians, obsolete representative governments, abolish capitalism and abolish stock markets to answer the call of Black Lives Matter, Yellow Vests and all activist groups worldwide.  This youtube video shows the urgency to put these ordinary peoples egalitarian assemblies together.
Capitalism is a form of Feudalism and slavery. It’s the cooperative Democracy model that we need to move to like the successful cooperative Mondragon in Spain.
My birth name was Wigler it’s my role to help wiggle up the Baron’s Barron’s worldwide to start helping people not Corporations.

We are holding weekly meetings and study groups of Egalitarian advocates past present future and a weekly conference call that will be a phone in number that anyone can join in from across the world.

This is an example of how these types of assemblies, councils and town halls are run.  We would add the ability to have every voice to be heard and that voice becomes a vote for solutions in our community and country.  Politicians and representatives are NEVER allowed in these meetings.  This is people deciding their present and future.



This is a permanent council, town halls and peoples assemblies to be run as a rational ethical peoples egalitarian assemblies to call a recess on government and turn it into rational ethical governance and quality based on the talking stick, SCRUM, Six Sigma, Management by objectives – human being safety quality assurance processes.

We call a recess of government until we get Community Defense Governance.
Thank you for joining us.
Best Regards, Daniel Roy Wigler Baron
Phone: 323-496-7649
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There is an urgent need to bring in these ordinary peoples Egalitarian assemblies, councils and town halls are run.  We would add the ability to have a voice and a vote.

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