Great Mandate for Direct Vote

Great Mandate for Direct Vote

Austin Texas and Denver Colorado November 25, 2019. This is Bob Dunsmore calling in from Denver Colorado and Daniel Roy Wigler Baron Austin Texas speaking on the #eTownHalls YouTube channel on the direct vote movement brought to you by we the people worldwide uprisings.

Everybody knows the corrupt Corporations are pulling the strings of who we think are elected however they are not elected they’re our rulers and most of them don’t care about us they care about their Corporate bosses. We should be pledging allegiance to the Oh Freedom Civil Rights song:

The pundits, commentators, media have had us fighting over these polarizing words and saying we are a Republic and many talk good or bad on Karl Marx, Capitalism Communism Socialism however they don’t really tell us what direct voting by the we the people Democracy is or how it should be?

The USA has never had a Direct Voting Democracy and pundits commentators  or anyone who say we in the USA have ever had some kind of We The People Direct Voting form of Democracy in the USA makes me want to vomit.  We can buy a lot of different versions of ice cream does not make us a Democracy. 

Ok so let us do the math. We got 535 USA Congress, 50 Governors, 1 President, 9 Supreme Court Justices, around 200 or so in our state houses and we got around 9 folks in our city councils. This handful of people compared to our 340 million population are not about Democracy or being our politician representatives who are really our rulers.

We are called a Republic but what does that have to do with Direct Voting Democracy?

If we had a republic, democracy, our constitution would specify these two things: First, that the public has the ultimate authority, which is obviously untrue. That specified process distributes all the decision authority to the executive, legislative and judicial branches, however none is left over for the public.

Second, a republic requires that the public is represented, reliably, accurately and with integrity, and again, that is obviously untrue. The majority of people have been lied to by the Corporate run media and the CIA.  It is by the lies we were told about the decision process we use as specified in our constitution.

The lies are absurd, once critical thinking is applied to the base premises of that process. And people who can be convinced to accept absurdity can be easily convinced to accept atrocity. USA citizens agreed to a decision process that elects people to positions of power and authority then act all hurt when *they* realize you just made them your *rulers*, not representatives!  Seriously?

We are bringing direct voting to the USA for the very first time in it’s history. We are inviting millions to sign our petition a move on occupy movement petition to make this a reality and 33 mandates to cut corrupt corporations from our government.

Our goal is to have millions and billions worldwide people in the USA and world wide to bring Democracy. We are not asking for permission we are demanding that the USA become a direct voting government run by we the people for the first time in it’s history. We call on a recess of government until our government starts helping we the people.

So as these conference calls grow into millions of people calling in and signing the Great Mandate for Direct Vote we create a National Council on Integrity which will call the govt into a recess to sign oaths to serve people and not corporations.

This council will monitor government to ensure that they are indeed helping people not corporations. Join our movement sign our petition and join our biweekly Democracy advocate study groups both at local meetings and conference calls.  Sign our occupy move on petition for direct voting at this link.

We have a meeting page to #eTownHalls which will be updated twice a week right before the Tuesday night 7pm EST 6pm CST 5pm MTN 4pm PST or Sunday afternoon 3pm EST 2pm CST 1pm MTN noon PST meeting.

We will feature a brand new 20 minute or so video of a featured direct voting we the people Democracy Advocates and some study group ideas around their life work, current events and the ongoing updates / goals of #eTownHalls

Climate repair, regenerative agriculture, houses not handcuffs, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, Native American Rights and many other Democracy groups have a voice here. You are all welcome to help learn and grow from the Real Democracy Info analysis of new from a people’s view.

We are broadcasting live from Austin Texas. Our goal is to help move the U.S.A. into a Democracy. The U.S.A. has always been ruled by corporate person-hood, elites and oligarchy.

The Great Mandate for direct vote and one voice now are vehicles to help bring Democracy to the U.S.A. for the first time in our history.  We were inspired by worldwide uprisings for we the people direct voting on our issues and solutions.

Contact Daniel Roy Baron or Bob Dunsmore with any questions:

Phone: 323-496-7649


Bob Dunsmore:

Phone: 505-423-2468


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