Houses not handcuffs

Houses not handcuffs.  It is proven to be safer and healthier that all local city governments allow anyone to pitch a tent and live outside in their city. 
The shelters in Austin Texas are full.  It is very expensive to live in Austin and the gentrification and costs of living are forcing more and more people to be homeless in Austin.
There are eight abandoned houses available for everyone living outside and the shelters that are offered to homeless are inhumane and help people stay homeless instead of moving into safe housing.
The best solution is give everyone a safe healthy house or shelter.  The USA it is estimated has eight abandoned houses for everyone living on the streets with no money.
The following interview has Bob Dunsmore President Founder Heart Mind Alliance and compiler of the Great Mandate For Democracy and 2020 Unaffiliated, 3rd party, write-in candidate for President Daniel Roy Baron visiting the location where Mayor Adler of Austin allowed people to camp out however Texas Governor Greg Abbott is forcing our unhoused home seekers out from the safety of this bridge however without giving houses to those living outside.

Governor Abbot of Texas made the decision to clear out human beings living in tents in Austin declared “legal” by Austin Mayor Adler and Austin City Council. is live at Austin Texas 183 and Burnet road. November 4th 2019.

2020 U.S. Presidential candidate Daniel Roy Baron and Bob Dunsmore President Heart Mind Alliance meet with Houses not handcuffs, Echo, Link and many other human rights groups.

We are here to help bring housing for our Unhoused and encourage everyone to travel with no money, live the heroine hero journey.

In Norway or Finland or other countries it’s common for people to knock on the door and ask if you can put up a tent in the backyard.
The forced moving of house seekers and travelers living in Austin, LA, etc and the authority grab of their possessions does NOTHING to resolve people who have no money who are forced to live outside because there is no real help.
We must provide safe healthy fresh organic all natural Foods, Clothing, Housing and Jobs as ways to give hope and prosperity for a better future.
In Denmark, Belgium, Norway Finland they have great food, housing, clothing programs to help people with no money and we in the USA can update our systems to be even greater then what these countries do for their unhoused with no money.

We discuss Posse Comitatus, Democracy, travelers with $0.0 in their bank accounts, housing rights, human rights and our campaign to help bring the U.S. into a Democracy for the very first time in it’s history. #RealDemocracyInfo #WiglerBaron2020 #Baron2020 #HousesNotHandcuffs

Join our movement to end Corporatocracy and help bring in Democracy for the very first time in the United States of America.


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