Ordinary Peoples Equality Meetings #eTownHalls

Ordinary Peoples Equality Meetings  #eTownHalls

Ordinary Peoples Equality Meetings #eTownHalls is all about providing fact-based news, fact-based media, fact-based journalism and fact-based debate based on the fact based media. We are about obsoleting politicians and abolishing all the representatives.

We are shifting the power away from politicians and away from representatives to put ordinary peoples meetings in charge.  We have to honor ordinary people whether people have money or not.  If that person had an education defines if that person had the resources or family wealth or not.

That ordinary person could have been anything however they were denied the resources to get the type of education so that person could become a doctor, scientist, lawyer, leader or other higher level role in society?

That person who has a more privileged life and can take these higher level job opportunities or musicians are upper middle class children.  They are not inherently more talented, smarter or more gifted it is simply that they had more resources to pull that off because they are often from very wealthy families.

Ordinary people are only because of society and because of how this wealth caste system is created.  People discriminate against ordinary people all the time and this is the greatest prejudice there is in this US caste system.

We provide ordinary people a real voice that is heard and that voice becomes a vote in their Community, State, National and International Affairs.  Welcome to Ordinary Peoples Equality Meetings #eTownHalls podcast and our weekly group meeting based in Austin Texas and around the world.

The U.S.A. has always been ruled by corporate person-hood, elites and oligarchy. Ordinary Peoples Equality Meetings #eTownHalls is a way to help enable people to vote directly on solutions instead of voting on leaders and politicians or representatives are never allowed in our meetings.

Contact Daniel Roy Baron President and Founder of The Face Triage Media company to learn more and join us.  Thank you for sharing and subscribing.


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Ordinary Peoples Equality Assemblies Voices and Votes for Rational Ethical Egalitarianism.

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