Ordinary Peoples Equality Meetings #eTownHalls

We are Voices and Votes to help put Rational Ethical Peoples Equality for all Meetings #eTownHalls in charge and to put Small Business Cooperatives in charge using technology or no technology.

We are all about providing fact-based news, fact-based journalism and fact-based debate.  We are replacing all of the  politicians with these Ordinary Peoples #eTownHalls Councils and Peoples Assemblies.

Our group is called “Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls”.  We are focused on enabling people to have  a voice that is heard and that this voice becomes a vote on solutions for their community and country at all levels of government.


Voting is no longer about voting on a representative or politicians also known as our rulers however this voting is about voting directly on solutions for our community and country.

Contact Daniel Roy Baron President and Founder of The Face Triage Media company to learn more and join us. This video shows our vision of Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls using technology or no technology.  Politicians and representatives are NEVER allowed to attend. We the people voices will be heard and those voices will become votes.


We provide ordinary people a real voice and a vote in their community, state, national and international affairs.  Welcome to Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls podcast and our weekly group meeting based in Austin Texas and worldwide.

The U.S.A. has always been ruled by corporate person-hood, elites and oligarchy. Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls is a way to help enable people to vote directly on solutions using technology or write-in elections.  We move away from this corrupt corporate run representative government.

America was built on capitalism stock market genocide, slavery, war, for profit prisons, greed and corruption.  Watch this to learn more about the real national anthem.

We are on the path to put Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls and Small Business Cooperatives in charge using electronic open source code voting technology or write-in voting and politicians are NEVER allowed in our meetings.

Politicians, Representatives and Government are all obsolete as we move to Community Governance Egalitarian Defense. Occupy Forever – By Any Means Necessary and let me know if you would like to join our Egalitarian Revolution.
We call for thousands of us to meet at the Sage Warrior Temple in San Francisco to train on Martial Arts defense and also develop plans, strategies and collaborations to pour in the streets and occupy forever our police, military and all important buildings and software companies to bring in the goals of putting Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls and Small Business Cooperatives in charge.  
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Phone: 323-496-7649

Email: eTownHalls@protonmail.com

The best form of government is when we the people govern ourselves.  We the people feel isolated the general population realize that the institutions of our political system are not meeting our needs and they are not telling the truth and they do not reflecting our concerns and needs of how government should be. 

In our present day, we can benefit immensely, in our quest to help establish a new U.S. government truly dedicated to all life’s liberty and happiness for all 340 million people based on the Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls practiced by the Iroquois Six Nations for over 100,000 years when we were called Turtle Island before the corrupt colonialism capitalism genocide and slavery stock market that began to birth in 1776.

We are inspired by worldwide uprisings for putting Egalitarian (“Equality for All”) and No master and No slave.  We are about putting Voices and Votes in charge; Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ Rights, Housing Justice, Immigration Rights, Flat Tax, Government Reform, Vote Reform, Occupy and Yellow Vestss.

We collaborate to help bring about Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls and Small Business Cooperatives in charge by meeting through.

– town halls and city halls that NEVER include politicians or representatives
– electronic and non-electronic town halls, peoples assemblies and councils
– libraries
– conference rooms
– zoom conference calls
– music festivals
Our goal is to help grow these meetings into USA music festivals and other areas called The People’s Debate
We will be studying advocates for Egalitarianism including the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, people’s leaders Malcolm X, people’s historian Howard Zinn, people’s poet Maya Angelou and labor leader Cesar Chavez.
With the support of millions, we will call for politicians to be obsolete, representatives to be obsolete and that Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls and Small Business Cooperatives will be in charge.
We have weekly meetings one is a call in conference call. Commentators and bloggers see a major movement towards putting both electronic and non-electronic Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls in charge.  Trusted leaders will be chosen for Rational Ethical Egalitarian Peoples Assemblies to run our government.
Thank you for joining our campaign and sharing.
Daniel Roy Baron