When: Tuesday April 14, 2020 at 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm Mountain time, 6pm PST.

Daniel Roy Baron is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Council For National Integrity – Vote Solutions Democracy

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Meeting ID: 744 746 673

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+1 346 248 7799 US 
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Thank you for joining all of us.  We look forward to hearing your voice and hearing your vote!!

Note: This is an initial agenda template for our ongoing meeting agendas. These items are subject for changes and updates.  Each meeting we will start with a new agenda depending on what we bring to the table.  Please feel free to add meeting agenda items and updates.

1. Our group is called “Vote Solutions Democracy”.  We are focused on enabling people to vote on solutions for their community and country at all levels of government.  Important areas of these meeting are to bring in real fact-based journalism to be informed properly.  Enabling people to introduce solutions, debate solutions, vote on solutions and then implement solutions with volunteerism.

2. We are always looking to have more members and to find celebrities, administrators, software developers and candidates willing to run on our Vote Solutions Democracy platform.

3.We are creating a new block chain mobile application and internet browser  that can be called #eTownHalls which enables people to vote directly on solutions for their community, state and country. 

The result would be that politicians would become  administrators and it would be mandatory that our administrators will carry out the majority will of the people instead of the current model of representatives ruling over us. 

We will ensure 100% protection of minority rights by NOT voting on any issues pertaining to race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual preference. These are nobody’s business and they are protected by our Bill of Rights.

This opens up all of us to be voting on our taxes and spending.  We can now give the power of the purse to the majority will of the people and create solutions, voices and corresponding votes on all areas affecting us and our children.  These include Agriculture, Energy, Economy, Education, Infrastructure, Military spending, 5g Wifi, Coronavirus, and so much more. 

We would have politicians answering to the majority will of we the people – this is a power to the people effort for our children and grandchildren.

We are working on creating and building out a brand new secure Block Chain voting application that enables the following:

  • Vote by internet browser, vote by mobile application, vote by mail, vote by phone,  and vote by FAX machine.  We utilize OCR Optical Character Recognition technology to populate all our votes – ballots can be sent in by mail, fax, mobile application and internet browser into our Block Chain community owned databases made available for all voters.
  • Current voting has only one central and it is easily hacked and an insecure database however with block chain every voter gets their own database, anonymity in the database and an audit trail history of all past voting that can not be changed.
  • A 10 day voting period where people can vote and change their vote over the 10 day period.
  • This system uses a 32 character key encrypted which ensures anonymity.
  • All votes / ballots will be populating the block chain databases available for every voter.  This application will be 100% owned by each community and adapted to meet the specific needs of every community – local, state, national and international.
  • The goal of #eTownHalls podcast and website is to fulfill these needs. We will work out the various use cases and flows of how this application and block chain database will function for each community. 
  • We are fulfilling the needs of the how it works section of for fact-based journalism (“being informed properly”), creating solutions, debating on the solutions, voting on the solutions and implementing / volunteerism of the solutions and better information sharing for Democratic decision making.

Note: We would have backed up Ballot PDF files and Ballot printouts of every vote in a secure location at the local town hall that will be accessible for all voters and ensure 100% Quality Assurance. 

People can login and do OCR Optical Character Recognition to add up the votes and verify totals.  Everyone gets a unique 32 character key combination of random letters, numbers and symbols that is private for each voter.  We are fulfilling Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Quality and Volunteerism from Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King – Revolution of Values and One Voice Now how it works.

4. We learn and share this information about the national will in the U.S. and around the world for people to be voting on solutions for their communities and country.  Again, our politicians would become administrators and it is mandatory that administrators answer to the will of the people.

5. Elimination of the Electoral College.  Elimination of Political Parties.  Elimination of Gerrymandering (“politicians manipulate the boundaries of an electoral constituency so as to favor one party or class”).  Elimination of corruption and salaries going to elected officials will go back to the community.  We already have millions of administrators implementing the will of representatives who are really our rulers and now these same administrators will answer solely to the will of the people.

6. Declaration of Planetary crisis all resources human and natural directed towards saving the planet and saving our ecosystems.

7. Mandating the end of corporate person-hood.

8. Congress and other leaders at all levels of government pledging allegiance to majority will of those voting in order to continue to serve.

9. Regenerative agriculture

10. Renewable energy.

11. Worker owned economies.

12. Free universal healthcare and medicare available for all with Single Payor healthcare.