Topic: Ordinary Peoples Equality for all Assemblies #eTownHalls Voices and Votes implementing Rational Ethical Egalitarianism.

When: Every Tuesday night 

Daniel Roy Wigler Baron is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.  Thank you for joining all of us.  We look forward to hearing your voice and having your voice become a vote.

Note: This is an initial agenda template for our ongoing meeting agendas. These items are subject for changes and updates.  These meeting items are from suggestions by the group.

Our group is called “Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls”.  We are focused on enabling people to have  a voice that is heard and that this voice becomes a vote on solutions for their community and country.

#PoliticiansAreObsolete Voting is no longer about voting on a representative or politicians also known as our rulers however this voting is about voting directly on solutions.

Important areas of these meeting are to bring in real fact-based journalism and fact-based debate to be informed properly. 

We are always looking to have more members to help us including celebrities, administrators and software developers.

We are creating a new block chain mobile voting applications and on an internet browser  #eTownHalls which enables people to vote directly on solutions in peoples egalitarian assemblies for their community, state and country. 

The USA would be at war with the USA if it was truly about bringing the true words of equality, justice and freedom into reality.

We can now give the power of governance to the majority will of the people and create solutions, voices and corresponding votes on all areas affecting us and our children. 

These include Agriculture, Energy, Economy, Education, Infrastructure, Military spending, 5g Wifi, Coronavirus, and so much more. 

We are working on creating and building out a brand new secure Block Chain voting application that enables the following using technology or no technology.

  • Vote by internet browser, vote by mobile application, vote by mail, vote by phone,  and vote by FAX machine.  Block Chain free open source code software community owned databases available for all voters.

We learn and share this information about the national will in the U.S. and around the world for people to be voting on solutions for their communities and country. 

Again, our politicians would become administrators and it is mandatory that administrators answer to the will of Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls

Elimination of the Electoral College.  Elimination of Political Parties.  Elimination of Politicians. Elimination of Gerrymandering.  Elimination of corruption.   

We mandate the abolishing capitalism and abolishing all of the stock markets and abolishing of capitalism to bring in Small Business Cooperatives to be and Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies to be in charge.



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