Join Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls

Do we want a world where government contact tracing george orwell 1984 armies are watching everything we say and do?  Do we want a future where 5g causes massive health, environmental, totalitarian governments and an end to our Civil Liberties? 

Contact Daniel Roy Baron President and Founder of The Face Triage Media company to learn more and join us. This video shows our vision of Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls using technology or no technology.  Politicians and representatives are NEVER allowed to attend. We the people voices will be heard and those voices will become direct votes for our community and country.

We can stop mandatory vaccines and stop the mandatory masks through these Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls using technology or no technology.  #PoliticiansAreObsolete and not allowed to attend these ordinary peoples assemblies.  We will help create and support local and worldwide Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls


Politicians and representatives are obsolete.  This is about Voices and Votes to help implement Rational Ethical Egalitarianism Peoples Assemblies.  These councils, town halls and peoples assemblies using technology or no technology at all to help guide us all during this great transition.

We will insure accountability, transparency, rational ethics, and quality assurance of our economic socio-political leadership.  We shall do everything possible to address and bring about a cure of these corporate criminals and nefarious global stock markets.

We call for the basic rights to land, health care, clean water, whole foods, shelter, social security and the end of jim crow law for profit slavery prisons.  What is overlooked justice?

Daniel Roy Baron

Host and Producer of Ordinary Peoples Egalitarian Assemblies #eTownHalls by The Face Triage Media company

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This video has our hashtag #OccupyForever.