Bringing Electronic Town Hall meetings to the USA.

The Real Democracy Movement in the USA are really pleased to have established links with the Real Democracy Movement in the UK.  Check out their website. We hope to organize some joint events in 2020.

Broken Shackles by Gloria Wood to buy her book email her at  and send $10 to her PayPal

The best way I can express my love is through Broken Shackles which shares with them my journey with the incarceration of my own daughter. It is my prayer through my testimony I can direct to trust God as they walk this difficult journey.  Learn more about Broken Schackles here:

In Civil Rights BabyWiggins lays bare the misdeeds of the people who run TV newsrooms. As the firings of broadcasting executives in 2017 and 2018 illustrate, American newsrooms have been private chambers of hell for many female broadcasters–including Nita–and, like Nita, the women are fighting back.

Civil Rights Baby book by Nita Wiggins is on Amazon here:

I Am: A Journey Through Times And Spaces by Bob Dunsmore

Looking Glass Shattered: Cubicle Commando to Real Democracy Leader.  Contact Daniel Roy Baron for a PDF copy of the book.  Phone: 323-496-7649   Email:

The New American Evolution by Mark Landau: